How Raised Floor Can Make A Small Office Appear Larger?

Are you frustrated with the way your small office looks? Making a small space functional for employees and visually attractive is often challenging, especially with more people onboarding and growing business technology requirements. But where you see drawbacks, we see the potential. A raised floor is obviously a smart small space solution. Once installed, you can easily organize all of your HVAC, mechanical and electrical equipment, ultimately having a nice luxury space. 
To help get your creative juices flowing, we have highlighted some of the raised floor system's key points and how it can make your small office appear larger. So without any further ado, let’s jump. 

“The real problem with small office”

Every organization, sooner or later, grows and expands. Small offices often lead to unorganized offices and pose significant problems to a possibly growing team & tech requirements. The congestion affects the temperature inside the office, and excessive heat makes the space uncomfortable & unbearable. Also, clutter (such as wiring or electrical routing) is inevitable and can make the office environment more congested.

3 signs you need raised floor for small office 

·Inefficient space management in office – In many ways, office is like its own environment. The way you organize your workplace ultimately gets revealed in office efficiency. But in reality, a poorly managed office isn’t likely to transform into an organized oasis of productivity.

·Cluster of wiring in offices - Nobody likes clutter of cables all over the space, which can cause injuries or unfortunate circumstances. If your wisdom says you need an effective solution to organize your work space, consider raised floor installation for a serviceable cable management solution. 

·Less room space – Managing an office involves a great variety of activities. Also, some core activities in the office demand a dedicated desk or workstation. Most office space is often consumed by high-end equipment, HVAC wires, and equipment wiring. The result, you get less space to work, which causes corporate resentment. 

Big or small - Raised Floor works best for any space

Planning an office layout is more than just reorganizing furniture. Other than desks and lighting, one must also consider smart ways to achieve outstanding space management, i.e., raised flooring solution. Big or small, a pioneer raised floor is highly recommended for outstanding space management. 

Hassle free adoption of technology - Think of raised floors as an investment towards flexible workspace design. Raised floor offices have a tremendous positive impact on employee's morale and inspire than to work more creatively. Additionally, raised floor solutions ensure a seamless adoption of the latest technology. Whether it's servers, HVAC or communication services, raised floor systems can build on key design strategies for multifunctional work environments. 

More space – Raised floor premises also reflect the company's ethics and core values. Employees and managers feel encouraged to walk to a different part of the office and enjoy the seamless collaboration between teams or departments. The innovative raised floor encourages engagement on a daily basis. With a focus on improving workflows, you'll maximize space and increase employee performance.

Support Greater Mobility – Numerous international offices are designed with raised floor systems nowadays to meet a range of modifications, upgradation and design flexibility. A reliable raised floor system is a must throughout the building to support the present and future needs. 

More room for Acoustics and Lighting – Let's be honest; you still need an office to look brilliant. With raised floor system installed, you don't have to worry about the mess caused by mechanical, HVAC, and server services. This means – you get enough space for acoustics and lighting enhancement. 

Improvement of ventilation – The underneath space between the slab and raised access floor system greatly helps supply conditioned air to areas of the building directly. By channelizing the fresh air from the ground, one can quickly improve the air quality inside the office and ensure employees' fresh clean atmosphere. 

HUIYA – top designers of small and large raised floor offices

A raised floor for office environment is constructed to meet specific work efficiency goals, aiming for high productivity and maximizing work potential. The benefits of a raised access floor are limitless. However, it is essential to design, construct and install correctly. Obscure fitting could create a structural issue and lower efficiency can result in other parts of the flooring malfunction. 
HUIYA utilizes years of experience and expertise to construct state of the art raised floor systems. Each of our systems contain the right balance of quality and cost efficiency. For the best fitting solution, our designers will work closely with the client to build the right raised floor infrastructure for an office, making it an ideal choice for any commercial (small & large) premises.
If you are looking for a small office raised floor solution or low profile raised floor installation, contact HUIYA for the best possible result. We will thoroughly discuss the design, décor, and best type of raised floor system for your property.
2021-03-29 22:34
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